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February 16th, 2006

11:35 am - hey fuckers.
if you know me, do this. i swear it only takes like 30 seconds.


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January 8th, 2006

09:12 pm - tonight
it seems like a perfect night to get really really high and clean my house.



i got a .25 sack of what seems to be decent homegrown...only flaw is that the plant looks like it was a hermaphorodite. which is fine with me because it means i didnt have to pay shit for it. and its way better than the headachey crap thats been going around lately.

so im going to get really high, make mac and cheese, and watch adult swim while cleaning the house.

ah sundays.

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December 30th, 2005

01:11 pm
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December 20th, 2005

12:19 am - yeah...
so the "fuck finals" pub crawl was this weekend. friday to be exact. got off work, went to grandmas, did my hair and makeup, and got my ass out to the bars. me and 11 others drank a fishtank (either a 5 or 10 gallon tank full of liquor, dont remember...) in 63 seconds. the record for the bar we were at. so we got our names on the wall. it was fabulous. until 4 bars and 50 dollars later, when i was puking in linders living room.

note to self: eat more than an apple and some peanuts and a diet dr. pepper for the entire day before consuming 55 dollars worth of liquor.


so yeah. left my car window down and it snowed like a foot inside my car. i rule. i had actually thought i drove myself home, but thank GOD linder drove me instead. and i was about mortified when i looked on my phone and saw all the people i didnt remember talking to. thought i drunk dialed a bunch of my guy friends. turns out they all drunk dialed me. HAH! i win.

i get paid on friday. about 90 hours on this check. next one will have commission. GOD I RULE.

oh yeah.

i started a new job.


im a cellular one authorized dealer. and i rule at it. i have the 3rd highest activation and sales numbers for the store. and its my first month.

i win again.

gotta work at 9am tomorrow.

afterward im going to see narnia with lukie pookie.


durr ta durr.

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December 7th, 2005

04:10 am - success!
i dont know that ive mentioned it here, but i have a new addition to my collection of animals. haha.

my friends landlord found out he was in violation (*gasp*) of the one cat rule at his place, so he had to give his tabby cat loki away. so i took him. at first, chloe (my cattin) was insanely jealous, but i just woke up to chloe and loki chasing each other and making cat noises, so all seems to be well with them...murphee (the weimaraner) still is slightly cracky about the whole "new cat" deal. he wants to put his mouth on the new cat and slobber all over him.

if i could just give him a sedative, it would be perfect.

watched the victorias secret fashion show last night.

it made me wish i was obscenely rich.


its a sick, sick addiction, that victorias secret...

i get paid on friday, then am going to "4 phocas" at kabal.

might as well. got nothing else to do really.

then will be at d:fuse and probably astro and glyde for new years.

everyone wants me to throw some sort of new years bash, but im not really down with that. the next party i have is going to be for my brothers 21st and will probly be out on viss' farm again. ill probly get strippers and djs and a band or two like the last one...and of course a full bar and kegs. but ssh...its a surprise for my brother. like he doesnt know already that im gonna do something like that, but whatever.

i <3 college.

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December 6th, 2005

12:18 pm

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Dear Santa...

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This year I've been busy!

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December 1st, 2005

02:25 am - when it rains, it pours...
jobs that is...

i got 5 job offers in 2 days.

i took 2 thus far.

im supposed to go observe this one lady take care of this older quadraplegic woman tomorrow, but im not going to go. i got hired full time at cell one and i get 8.50 plus commission and more than 40 hours a week. and i got hired at hot topic, and i get about 10 hours a week there, and its seasonal, but i get 40% off everything in the store (totally worth keeping the job just for the discount...

so i work in like 6 hours. so i should go to bed.

but i think ill masturbate first.


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November 12th, 2005

02:48 pm - went out last night.
went to ride horses @ linds'...gonna learn to do eventing and jumping on her horse. im pretty good at riding english as it is, so it shouldnt be too hard. gonna enter some competitions this summer in may and june. good times. good times.

went running. thought i was gonna die. i should quit smoking, but i like it too much now. it curbs my appetite and its cheaper to buy a pack of cigarettes than a weeks worth of food lol. its a sad, sad truth...

went to the mall. tried on those nike "free" shoes...omg. i want them soooo bad. but im not paying 90 bucks for them. im buying them off ebay, man.

lindsey got her nails done.

went to old chicago...

saw EVERYONE there...

then linds and i went to meet a few guys at omalley's cuz they were having a guinness special and we got free guinness t-shirts. i <3 guinness.

then back to old chicago.

eric ended up coming out. that was surprising. i think he was already pretty wasted when he called lol.

went to some random house party.

i felt really old.

drank more there, then eric wanted mcd's and we went there and some chicks car got stalled in the drive through with her horn stuck...it was hilarious.

then went back to erics and stayed till this morning.

came home, cleaned, cleaned, did laundry, cleaned more.

im gonna go cuz brians here and the buyer of the house is coming to look at it and i dont wanna be here and make small talk with him. brian can do it.

ive decided that ive become somewhat of a bitch, but that i like it and its fun.

the end.

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November 6th, 2005

06:19 pm - imaflake
i didnt go with clint today.

and im starving.

and i have no $$

this is a slight problem.

as i am not hungover and actually feel like eating.

perhaps ill have some peanut butter and crackers.


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November 5th, 2005

03:21 pm - i hate cox.
they can seriously lick my ass.

my internet connection has been off and on all day.

i peeled the make-out scab off my mouth.

it was totally gross.

still kinda is.

it looks like i have mouth cancer.

perhaps i do.

going to micro tonight.

jess, john, clint, and lindsey are going too.

first we're going to eat at jess' parents. i am their other-other daughter lol.

then tomorrow i go to eat at clints parents house.

which is weird sort of.

cuz they think we're seriously dating.

they asked clint if hed ask me to take some of the piercings out of my face when we went to dinner lol. i suppose. if it were my parents, id make them suffer through dinner at the country club, but i suppose having bright pink hair will do.

surely they wont want me to wear a hat. :P

then we're going to ride horses and move cattle all day.

should be good times.

i love horses.

but i hate cows.

its a tradeoff.

good times. good times.

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